Wednesday, 25 November 2015

SIZE ZERO Complete Genuine Review.. Exclusively

SIZE ZERO Complete Genuine Review

Like any other movies of Anushka before, This movie got huge craze in her fans and normal audience. This is just because of Anushka. Yes, She did really very hard work for this movie, more than Baahubali and Rudramadevi.

Size Zero Movie Story Leaked:

In this movie Anushka Shetty will be shown as a Food Loving Person. Not only Food Loving, She looks like very fat woman in this movie. So, as the marriage culture in India, she was refused to get marry because of her huge structure. she missed so many matches because of this. But Hero(Arya) is a open minded fellow, he treats Anushka normally. In his point of view Size is not a matter to marry. This point will noticed by Anushka, and she Fell in love with Hero. But Hero treats her as a best friend only. Not only that, He Will love another Actress(Sonal Chauhan). Then what happened  ?
Finally, Arya Loves Anushka or Not ? Does he Really loves Sonal Chaun ?. This will be shown on the Screen.

Cast : Arya, Anushka Shetty, Sonal Chauhan
Director : Prakash Kovelamudi
Producer : Prasad V Potluri
Music : MM Keeravani
Screenplay : Kanika Dhillon


  1. So this is a must watch movie for Anushka's fans.Thanks for sharing nice information. Your articles are always helpful

  2. We should watch the movie to see whom she marries.Ithink he should marry Sonal.

  3. A film to watch for Anushka's performance she has done the role perfectly.